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Servoy Stuff and I (Patrick Talbot) are located in Montreal, QC, Canada.
(Yes, we do speak French too!)


I am an old timer Java and Web developer, now invested full time in Servoy.


I have been involved over the last 28 years in many many kind of (what they called at the time) "multimedia" development, mainly in France and now in Québec, starting my career on good old Mac+ (and ancestor Lisa) to build network programs with the (now defunct :) "minitel" technology and lead programmer of numerous CD-Roms and Corporate websites, intranet/extranet solutions, using Java technology (and lots of different frameworks like Click-Tapestry, Spring, Cayenne-Hibernate, and so on...), a touch of .Net to get an MCAD certification which I never used, some php, even a bit of asp, html/javascript/xml, different SQL databases, experiments with ruby and rails, authoring software like (Macromind/Macromedia/Adobe) Director and Flash, involved in many obscure open source projects like the jGenerator project (licensed by Macromedia, and now part of... Flex).


My primary environment is now Windows, but I still make every effort to build sotware that runs equally fine on OSX and Linux as well and of course my favorite IDE is Eclipse (in its many incarnation, Servoy being one of them).


Since September 2010, I have been working as a free lance to provide high quality components and services to Servoy developers all around the globe.


I'm an official Servoy Valued Professional and owner of a Servoy Open Source award, you can find many (a lot!) of my Open Source projects on the ServoyForge Open Source platform that I also co-manage with my partner in crime Robert Ivens A.K.A "Roclasi".

As the logo will tell you: it's all about Java on top of Servoy;-)


If you need help writing plugins/beans for Servoy, just send me a note.

You got some crazy requirements for a plugin/bean for Servoy?
Having a hard time integrating with various platforms?
You know what to do!

If you need help building your solutions with Servoy and/or Java for the smart client of the web, feel free to contact me...

In search of some tailored high level training? Guess what you can do?